Diagnostics in St. Augustine FL

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Engine Diagnostics

Today's Vehicles are more complicated than ever before. You need a combination of the right equipment and knowledge in order to properly diagnose a problem. We have the most current diagnostic equipment and our technicians are the best at tracing the root of your problem. 

Diagnostic Data Screen

                                                                   Many customers think that diagnostics is just hooking up a computer and getting a code. This is not the case. You can pull the code with any code reader, but diagnostics is tracing the problem out and confirming it. For example, if you have a code DTC P0304 for a missfire on cylinder #3, this is the code information you get from the scan tool. Diagnostics is finding out what is causing the missfire on cylinder #3. There are many different failures that can cause a missfire. You could have anything from a a bad spark plug, bad spark plug wire, low compression on the cylinder, faulty fuel injector,  sensor failure, distributor problem, or one of many other issues that could be causing the missfire. The Diagnostic testing is the testing procedure to trace out the problem and verify the exact cause of the code or runability problem.  

Diagnostic Truck Repair

Most codes have a "trouble tree", which is a diagnostic aid used to test certain components for functionality, voltage or pressure levels, then move to the next step depending on your results of testing. Some codes have 8-10 pages or more of troubleshooting procedures for specific codes. That is why it is imperative that whoever is doing your repair has the knowledge and the tools to get the job done right. We have the knowledge and the tools here at Ray's Commercial Center!