RV Collision Center

RV Collision Repair

At Ray's Commercial Center in St. Augustine, FL we are the best one stop shop for all your Paint, Collision, or Body Repairs. We have installed a Large Paint Booth that will enable us to accomodate even the largest RV's and Trucks. Motorhome Paint and Auto body repair is a specialty field that not everyone can do. There are many different obstacles that may prevent your average body shop from being able to repair a large RV. First, you need a facility large enough and paint booth large enough to accomodate even the largest Motor Homes and Trucks. Second, you have to be able to not only perform standard body repairs, but be familiar with the construction of the exterior of today's RV's. We have the experts on staff and equipment to handle repairs and paint on the largest RV's. 

Ray's Tire and Service has been providing quality truck and auto repair for over 30 years. We strive to provide that same quality and service for all your RV, Truck, and Motorhome Paint, Collision, or Body Repair needs in St. Augustine, FL. If you have an RV, Motorhome (Motor Coach), Bus, Semi Truck, Light Truck, Car, or anything that needs Paint, Body Repair, or Collision repair, you can count on the Experts at Ray's Commercial Center to get your vehicle repaired and back on the road. 

Because of the wide range of services we offer at Ray's Commercial Center, we can provide you with the best pricing on Paint and Auto Body Repair. Because we do such a wide range of Repair and Services we are able to keep the cost to you much lower than other Paint and Collision shops in the area. So you not only get the best, most meticulous body repair experts, you get the best price also. 

Florida Department of Transportation Truck After Repainting. We are able to save the state of Florida thousands of dollars by repairing and reconditioning their existing vehicles rather than purchasing new vehicles. 

Another View of DOT Truck after Paint Job.


Our large vehicle paint booth can fit even the biggest semi trucks, RV's or equipment.