Truck Brake Repair in St. Augustine Fl

Brake Repair

We offer Full Service Brake Repair in St. Augustine, FL. We Specialize at Ray's Commercial Center in Heavy Duty, Recreational Vehicle, Semi Truck, and All Large Truck brake repairs. If you need brake service, the key is not waiting. If you have a concern contact us today, because the longer you wait, you could be causing additional damage to the brake system.

A good example of this is a customer we had in not too long ago. She had been hearing brake noise for a few weeks, but delayed coming in. If she came in right away, she may have only needed new brake pads in the front and then resurface the front disc brake rotors. But, because she waited so long, by the time she came in her brake pads were gone on one side and her caliper piston was gauging into the rotor. The Caliper piston had extended so far it had started to leak. So, instead of a simple brake job, she needed new brake pads, new calipers, new brake rotors, and we had to flush the brake fluid because of the amount of air in the lines. This story is a good lesson for most of us to not wait when our vehicle gives us a clue that something may be wrong.   

For large truck or heavy duty vehicle brake repair contact us at (904) 810-5889

Truck Brake repair and service

If you need your passenger cars' or light duty pick up trucks' brakes repaired, please contact our other location. Ray's Tire and Service (Ray's Tire Pros) (904) 829-6418